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Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Advantage

Purchasing Tension Dynamometers from Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. means you benefit from:

  • Years of experience and in-depth industrial application knowledge from the original manufacturers of Dillon dynamometers
  • Direct contact with a Dillon family member who has first-hand knowledge of all products
  • Fast deliveries - most shipments leave within 24-48 hours of order placement
  • Value added calibration services that make it easy to ensure long product life and accuracy

Cutting Edge Technology and Development

Always on the forefront, Dillon developed the EDxtreme digital dynamometer for greater accuracy and high capacity jobs and the EDjunior dynamometer to meet the demands of low capacity jobs.

Dillon EDxtreme

When you have people working around high tension cables and massive loads, there is no room for error. You must have complete confidence in the strength and accuracy of your force measurement tools to ensure safety.

Over 70 years of experience and in-depth industrial application knowledge led Dillon to develop the EDxtreme. The rugged construction and trademark precision of Dillon dynamometers provide the highest structural integrity of digital dynamometers available and include features such as:

  • Capacities up to 550,000 lb.
  • Selectable in lb, kg & newtons
  • Accuracy: within ± 0.1% F.S.
  • Resolution 1 part in 5,000 enhanced
  • Up to 7:1 Safety Factor
  • NEMA 4X/IP55
  • Wired or Radio Remote
  • Radio Remote controls up to 15 Edxtremes
  • Radio Remote displays load & sum of Multiple Edxtremes
  • Retained hardware
  • Superior strength and corrosion resistance
EDxtreme Digital Dynamometer


Built with the same extensive engineering as the EDxtreme, Dillon created the low capacity EDjr to provide you with quality and performance at a price that is right.

Affordability shouldn't mean compromising quality, service, or safety. The EDjunior proves that economy can go hand in hand with accuracy, long service life, and worker safety with features such as:

  • Up to 7:1 Safety Factor
  • High strength, low weight
  • Long lasting battery operation
  • The Dillon SOFTKEY control interface
  • Capacities up to 25,000 lb.
  • Selectable in lb, kg & newtons
  • Accuracy: within ± 0.2% F.S.
  • Resolution 1 part in 1,000
  • NEMA4/IP65 Design
EDjunior Digital Dynamometer

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Force Measurement Device Calibration Services

Service doesn't end with your purchase. To ensure correct readings, calibrating a tension dynamometer is critical. Dillon Quality Plus makes sure your force measurement device is accurate by monitoring and scheduling calibration services for you.

With DQ Plus you get:

  • 2-year warranty each purchase
  • 1-year recall sticker and automatic notification of calibration due dates
  • Calibration services with fast turnaround traceable to NIST standards
When you order Dillon dynamometers from Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc., the calibration process is taken care of automatically - saving you time and effort--allowing you to focus on your business.

For fast turnaround on product purchases, value added calibration services, and knowledgeable, expert assistance from the Dillon family, call Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. today.