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Running Line Tensionmeter For Rugged, Compact &
Accurate Cable Tension Monitoring

Running Line Tensionmeter

Oceanographic applications and land-based winch operations are ideal applications for running line tensiomenters. These rugged, compact, and accurate cable tension monitoring units are the perfect solution when retrofitting existing winches to enable line tension, speed, and payout monitoring.

Each of Dillon’s running line tensiometers feature a rugged, compact design, high accuracy count and/or force sensors. All of our tension meters are easy to setup with an instrumented, and removable, center sheave. Standard models are available for applications ranging from 20 to 800 KIPS, and wire rope diameters up to4.25 inches.

Dillon Running Line Tensionmeter

Real Time Line Control With LCI-90I Display

The tensiometer measurements are converted into an electrical signal that displays tension, payout, and speed readings on an LCI-90i. When using the LCI-90i display, the system allows winch operators to do real-time parameter monitoring–giving them the maximum flexibility in line control, sensor calibration, and data logging.

Dillon’s Running Line Tensionmeter
Measure Loads Up to 800,000 LBS

Built to last with high quality stainless steel plates ideal for marine and offshore applications, Dillon’stensiometers allow for the flexibility to measure loads from zero to 800,000 lbs. Force and count sensors are located in a removable center sheave, enabling easy installation without the need to cut or modify winch lines

Field-Proven Design Validated By FEA

With systems installed on rigs operated by TransOcean, Frontier, NPCC and others, these tensionmonitoring units are field proven for offshore mooring applications and ensuring the safety of oceanographic payloads. Sealed ball bearings, and stainless steel shafts and pins with zinc plated alloy steel sheaves (hardened to Rockwell C58-C60), make these compact units rugged enough to handle the harshest environments.

The Perfect Runing Line Tensionmeter
For Your Application

With a wide range of wire rope diameters and line tension capacities to choose from, Dillon is sure to have the perfect running line tension meter for your specific application. The Dillon family has been in the force measurement and scale business for over 70 years and, when it comes to cable tension monitoring, you can rely on our expert knowledge.

Choose from the models listed, or give us a call and a member of the Dillon family will help you select the right tension measurement device to meet your needs.